Life-size LEGO Inspired Cat Sculptures: Meet Daniel Ling from JEKCA

Do you love cats? Do you also love building toys? Then the JEKCA cat toys are the perfect toy for you. The Hong Kong-based company has LEGO inspired cat sculptures for everyone who loves felines. We headed over to Hong Kong and talked with Daniel Ling to learn all about these life-size works or art.

JEKCA Design Space

Can you tell us a bit about your company?

JEKCA Limited is a Hong Kong based company set up a few years ago. We focus on creating innovative and elegant building blocks products with the brand JEKCA. We have our in-house design team, marketing team and production plant in Shenzhen, China.

We believe everyone has a unique sense of creativity. Since ancient times our ancestors have outperformed other species by making their own tools. This kind of talent is deeply embedded within each one of us. Our sculptures unleashes this talent by helping you build something using simple techniques and basic units.

JEKCA Lego Cat Sculptures

Where did you get the idea to make cats from plastic bricks?

Since the patent of LEGO expired decades ago, lots of building blocks products appeared in the market. But most of them are closely following the steps of LEGO and there is hardly any innovation.

Our founder thought that he could do something more with building blocks and extend its possibilities. So he spent much time in inventing a new kind of building blocks with a new locking system and that became the JEKCA bricks.

JEKCA Lego Cat Sculptures

We have patents granted from different countries like USA, EU, China, Japan and Korea for the locking mechanism we invented. The main highlight of JEKCA is that we have screws to lock the bricks. This is very helpful for several reasons.

We can assemble almost any product from our building blocks: chairs, tables, bookshelves, it’s a never ending list. They are strong enough to perform their function well!

JECKA Lego Cat Sculpture

We can also create complex structures. If you assemble them with other traditional building blocks, either you need to glue them together - which is troublesome and is an irreversible process - or they will collapse easily.

Since every brick is tightly locked together, when you are still assembling the item, you do not need to worry that the unfinished item will suddenly collapse.

JEKCA Lego Cat Sculpture

Do you consider your products toys or art?

We would say it’s a fusion of toys and art. It’s not the kind of art that should only be displayed in exhibitions or should be the privilege of designers. We wanted to create artistic toys and sculptures and popularize them, so everyone can enjoy crafting these beautiful sculptures with ease. Everyone can now get a playful statue made of building blocks to liven up even the dullest office space or a living room.

JEKCA Lego Cat Sculpture

How much time does it take to assemble a cat sculpture?

It depends on how much time you have. If you have time and work concentrated, you can finish a cat sculpture easily in a day. Some customers would spend a week for that. The procedure is quite straightforward and all you need is time. Everyone can experience the joy and pride of a true craftsman. Building your cat will surely provide you with an enjoyable and rewarding experience.